Lack of data readiness i.e. data preparation, cleansing / deduplication, sorting, and scrubbing to make the data ready for analysis, is often the major problem faced by any big-data analytics project.

Getting to that “data-ready state for analytics” is a cumbersome as well as costly task; entailing good amount of efforts, resources, and time.

MSRCOSMOS' Hortonworks Certified Data Analytics tool, HCube, well and truly addresses these teething problems and helps you obtain critical business insights from your operational data.

HCube helps streamline all your data processes, so that your analytics get the right data, at the right place and time.

Here's how:


Ingest all your voluminous business and operations data from numerous data sources (relational databases, in-memory grids, message queues, social media, APIs, & NoSQL DBs) --and of multiple types (structured, unstructured, or semi-structured) -- to Hadoop or an Enterprise Datawarehouse, or to the Cloud, with just a few clicks.


Ingesting data successfully from disparate sources is just the start of some smart-art (as we’d like to call it) that HCube delivers. It addresses the biggest pain point of data analytics initiatives – data quality – with just the right-mix of data massaging (converting unstructured data into a structured format), data cleaning, and data filtering or categorization. All this happens in a clock-work like fashion so that your analytics set-up gets the right data at the right time.

Blend it with HCube

Now blend the data very as per your business rules and scenarios to reflect on a variety of business-critical dashboards, and even create data models out of the data (raw and refined).


Employ any visualization tool that suits you (MS PowerBI, Zeppelin, or what have you) to relay the insights and perspectives thus arrived at in an easily comprehensible and consumable manner. Further, extend the data models to various APIs, if you will.

All this while you have absolute control of the entire data processing set-up while still exercising much flexibility and ease throughout the data journey –from inception to insights– with the help of some very top-of-the-shelf features.

Features of HCube

  • Seamlessly integrates your business data with
  • In-memory data-bases like SAP HANA, etc.
  • Messaging & event streams like HTTP, JMS, etc.
  • Relational databases like Teradata and Netezza
  • On-premises databases and data warehouses like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2
  • NoSQL data-stores like Mongo DB and Cassandra
  • Allows batch-wise job execution
  • Built-in job scheduler and change data capture (CDC) features
  • Easy integration with any reporting tool
  • Security capabilities via role based user authentication and authorization
  • Extracts table data from source database servers to HDFS, Hive, and HBase, and allows conditional transfer